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Omegle  : Discussion:Take turns to say 1 letter each. Stop when you have a 5 word phrase.

Stranger: D

You: i

Stranger: c

You: k

Stranger: s

You: A

Stranger: r

You: e

Stranger: G

You: a

Stranger: y

You: I

Stranger: n

You: T

Stranger: h

You: e

Stranger: A

You: s

Stranger: s


Stranger: WOO

You: thats was kinda amusing


You: wanna go again

Stranger: YES

You: Q

Stranger: u

You: e

Stranger: e

You: n

Stranger: O

You: p

Stranger: e

You: n

Stranger: Y

You: o

Stranger: u

You: r

Stranger: V

You: a

Stranger: g

You: i

Stranger: n

You: a

Stranger: N

You: o

Stranger: w


Stranger: we win.

You: twice

Stranger: this deserves to go on tumblr

You: yup i agree

My Best experience on Omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Why hello there stranger how was your day?

Stranger: jolly good my fello

Stranger: how about you

You: Quite well quite well indeed.

You: One might even say it was Smashing!

Stranger: waaaaaaaaaaankeeeeeer

Stranger: wanker

You: Shut thou mouth foul harlett!

Stranger: cunt

You: lol fucktard

Stranger: do you want a fucking fight

You: Come at me Bro!

Stranger: me and the lads will beat the shit out o you broder

You: I dare say my crew and I shall teach thou a wonderous lesson in painometry

Stranger: y dont u go kiss yo little white ass momer good bye biach

You: Good day kind sir!

You: I said good day!

Stranger: ill pop a cap in yo ass

You: My ass shall be left out of this predicament!

You: Your mother’s ass however shall not

Stranger: i had fun messin with yo slutty mother last night

You: How dare You we are brothers!

Stranger: dats one top quality hooker you got for a mom and her pussy is delish

Stranger: mmmmmmmmmm

You: Yes quite I agree

Stranger: now she gonna devorce you gay dadda for me she said she perfers 8 inch cock than 0.00000000000001 inch

You: so are you implying That I am Half asian?

Stranger: hw

You: Yay where is it I adore home-work…..Oh Dear!

Stranger: is u beins racist

You: Nooooo……………

Stranger: ur a twat im goin yo mummas waiting, and yes if ur wondering i am black

Stranger: so dont call me bro mother fuck


Stranger: ye

Stranger: u got a problem

You: I ain’t even mad!

You: Also whats long and black?

Stranger: my cock

You: Nope the unemployment line! jk jk jk jk

Stranger: ur one racist mother fuck

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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